On the trail of The Duits Lijntje


Straight through Meierijstad

The Duits Lijntje is a unique connection between east and west. In 1873 the railway between Boxtel and Wesel was opened by the Noord-Brabantsch-Duitse-Spoorweg-Maatschappij (NBDS). The railway was an important connection for railway traffic between London and St. Petersburg. Steam trains full of passengers, goods and mail rumbled across the rails here.

The last passengers travelled via this railway in 1950. And the last corn train ran here in 2001. But traces of the Duits Lijntje can be found in Meierijstad until today. From station to carriage and from watch post to railway bridge. Nowadays the railway track is an ecological connection zone. The track clears the way for nature. Straight through Meierijstad it connects national landscape “Het Groene Woud” / Van Gogh National Park with nature reserve park “de Maashorst”.

Put on your walking shoes and take a trip down memory lane along the Duits Lijntje. Follow the track of emperors and pilgrims, signalmen and smugglers, occupiers and liberators.

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