This is the Gazelle bridge, a cycling bridge across the Zuid-Willems Canal. The railway bridge across the canal used to be situated about a hundred yards upstream.

Swing- and lift bridge

When constructing the Duits Lijntje a swing-bridge was made across the Zuid-Willems Canal. next to the bridge there was a bridge keeper’s house and a watch post for the signalman. The original swing-bridge was replaced by a manually controlled vertical lift-bridge which was followed by an electric one in the sixties. This last bridge was removed in 2014 when the canal was broadened. Since then it has been replaced to a spot next to the railway track in Veghel (near the Middegaal/Gasthuisstraat).

Unlucky bridge keeper

Sometimes the bridge keeper who worked here had a bad day. As was the case in December 1925. Winter has set in. There is snow and it is slippery. The bridge keeper has just opened the bridge for the railway traffic. Ship will have to wait a bit for the passing train. Suddenly the man slips and the key to the bridge ends up in the water. Oh dear, now what? In search of the spare key! It appears to be at Gennep Station, over thirty kilometres further down the track. The bridge keeper just catches the last train to this station. But to get back he has to hurry back through the cold night to Veghel, by bike! When the unfortunate man returns to his post in the early hours of morning thirty ships are waiting for him before the bridge. And the key that sank to the bottom of the canal? Who knows, it might pop up again one day.