Welcome to Veghel station. Travellers used to wait here at the platform in the old days and freight trains unloaded their goods. The five sets of rails of the railway yard are still here. On this location trains were shunted until the beginning of the 2st century. The white house on the corner of the Spoorlaan is the former supervisor’s house.

The murder on the stationmaster

It is Tuesday night, the second of February 1904. Wilhelm Seiler, who originally comes from Germany,  has been living in Holland for many years. He is working as a station master in Veghel. His assistant is Janus van de Ven. When Wilhelm was ill last year, Janus took his place and frequently visited him in hospital. The thing Wilhelm didn’t know was that Janus embezzled a large amount of money during that period of time. And Janus wants more.

Loaded gun

That night the pay envelopes are ready for the next day. It’s late already when Wilhelm returns to his workplace after a card night. On his way to the station Janus is waiting for him with a loaded gun in his pocket. He wants to rob Wilhelm’s key from him. Janus pulls out a piece of wood. Wilhelm defends himself against the blow and a fight takes place. Then there is the sound of four shots. Janus gets away. Wilhelm stays behind, motionless.

Unfaithful friend

Neighbours who came hurriedly to the scene, carry the seriously injured Wilhelm to the inn. The doctor who got called can do very little. The station master dies on his way to hospital. Mortally wounded by an “unfaithful friend” it says on his ‘in memoriam’ card. Janus is arrested and sentenced to a long imprisonment.